Viento Blanco

We generate and provide clean and sustainable energy using renewable wind resources

Viento Blanco, S.A., located in Guatemala, pioneer in the country’s wind power generation energy sector. Developed the Viento Blanco Wind Park project, that has an installed capacity of 23.1 Megawatt, which was implemented using the highest standards, both in the equipment and technology deployed as well as in the construction and assembly techniques used.

Viento Blanco, supplies clean renewable energy to the Guatemalan energy grid, helping diversifying the generation matrix of the country and the Mesoamerican region.

Viento Blanco, contributes to the conservation of the environment, displacing traditional fossil fuel generation technologies, reducing imports of oil and reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

To supply renewable energy to Guatemala under the most rigorous controls and safety.

MissionViento Blanco, S.A.

To consolidate ourselves as a leading company in the renewable energy sector of Central American region.

VisionViento Blanco, S.A.

Viento Blanco, S.A.

The Environment

The company contributes to the Conservation of the Environment by implementing a project that helps divert traditional fossil fuel generation

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