Marking a positive difference in Guatemala

Viento Blanco has launched two large projects that are advancing with giant steps, the projects are the Alborada Plant and the Wind Power Plant Viento Blanco; we share the photos to let you know a little more about these two important initiatives that are making a positive difference in the neighboring country through the development of social projects, a pillar that characterizes the action of LUFFUSA.

Viento Blanco positively impacting the community

Thanks to the donation of 20 benches, the parishioners of the Catholic Church of Aldea Los Ríos, San Vicente Pacaya, will be able to receive the word of God with greater comfort. Initially the church did not have benches, consequently the people came to listen the mass on foot or carried their chairs from their house to the church. When Viento Blanco executives learned of the situation, they hired a carpenter from the community who made the benches with the design provided by Father Ruperto Marroquín. In gratitude, the parishioners celebrated a blessing Mass attended by Viento Blanco executives, members of the community: children, youth and the elderly.